Thursday, 4 October 2012

#10: Hot hot heat

Can we take a moment and appreciate how hot is Jeremy Renner? I mean look at him! And he is even left-handed! What?? How can he be real? I mean, left-handed guys? OMG WHATT?? how are you perfect?  like I FREAKING LOVE LEFT HANDED GUYS THEY'RE SO SEXY OMGGGGGGGGG!!

that is all.

Monday, 27 August 2012

#9: Not cool

So there is this one time when me and my Korean boss went to this business trip to a coal mine somewhere in my hometown (my boss keep insisting the place as 'secret' but if you're good enough in Geography you'll know it in a heartbeat...or Google..duh!) and we went to this place where it is freshly mined. And when it is freshly mined, all the methane gasses fills up the air because the all the rotten things in the ground are dug up and the surrounding trees were beginning to rot so it kinda smells really bad you thought you'd choke yourself to death but you're not.

And my boss like, " This is not a good environment to work," and he was "This smells, I don't know how to survive" and all. So I was like thinking and thinking, stranded in my own zone when I was suddenly like, " Is this how corpses smell?". My boss was like, "Hell, NO!". He was like bulging his eyes out and keeps on mumbling things and he was shocked and I was still insisting on the question and he seems upset and he was like "You are one scary kid! Who came up with questions like that?" and then he heads down to the car so I followed.

I think I scared him though because he was all bubbly before and after the question he was like thinking to himself and it was quiet and I managed to sleep all the way through that two hours road trip which before seems impossible.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

#8 : Your life is PonPonPon

Every day I'll be like, "I'm going to update my blog tonight, promise!" but every night I'll ended up lying on my bed watching marathon of Keeping Up With The Kardashians' old seasons (swear to not judge me or you'll find me under your bed, harassing your Boogey Man with a knife in my hand, i dare you!).

And when the night has ended I'll be like, "What the heck? Where did the time go? No! I was supposed to blog but now I have to sleep because I have a job to attend. What? What?" *gross sobbing*


Assuming that some of you are clenching your thirst waiting for any updates (I did mention the word assuming have I? geez..)  here is me making up to you; by sharing a mind-blowing video that will make you wonder the purpose of your whole existence in life. Thank me later once you feel like this video have helped making you a whole...

........ or not.

And oh, did I mention that I am also currently obsessing over Christian Bale's lips?

Gurrrrlllllll...werrrkk thattt posee dollllll...

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Dear boss,

 it's okay that you guys haven't provide me with computers or desktop or anything. seriously it's ok. no, seriously. i'm okay.but i have one little thing that i would like to ask you. just a little favour. not much. just a little. no bigger than a scratch in your plate nor heavier than your strands of hair.

can you help give me motivation. when i said motivation, what i really mean is good looking guys inside this room. i mean, hire someone good looking to be my colleague? can you? can? will you? will? do you mind? i mind.

bye, love you guys.


Wednesday, 6 June 2012


sometimes, these are the things that i like to Google.

please please tell me i'm not the only one. owhh lawwdddd pleeaaseeee...
btw, saw Snow White and the Huntsman though. she can't act... neither can she close her mouth. OH BURN!!

that is all.

Thursday, 17 May 2012


mom and dad have this habit of making comparisons between me and other people's not-so-pointy nose.

" Look, look at him/her. She/he looks just like you. Their nose...flat."

oh please... where do you think i got these genetics from? 

p/s: EWEC6WRJ8SAC . do you have any idea what this means? good.


whale whale whale.. if i ain't famous for shipping relationships that does not exist then what gives? but seriously though, how do people watch or read something without having deep connection with the characters? is that even possible? like is that perfectly normal? if that is normal than what am i? hmm?? hmmmmm??

in my case, i'm too involved with Ron and Hermione that i want Rupert and Emma to end up together so so badddddddddddd. i mean it badly. seriously, if you are surprised about this then you don't know me that well.

like why can't they see it already? they probably did but obviously they are in this big fat denial. i mean, dude... they're totally lusting for each other... you can see it through their body languages.. eye sexing, awkward gestures. but what?? what did they choose to do?claiming each other to be siblings and date other people?? seriously? seriously you two? every single living thing in this world knows it but why you choose to be oblivious? whyyyyy??ohhh whyyyyyy??

to be honest, i have this tumblog where i dedicate it specially for these two.. it's been running for quite a time now but i stopped because i'm running out of videos to gif. since shipping this ship alone is really painful and...pathetic, i'm going to lure you; sharing the pain together and hoping that one day, you and me could talk and whine about this hand in hand. here is the snippet taken from my tumblog that may or may not convert you into The Grintson Ship. (well, u better be or i'll have to cut you and watch you sleepppppppppppppp!!*creepy fangirl mode on full throttle*)

 Emma being obvious part 1:
  • stares at Rupert’s chest
  • swallows
  • realizing what she’s doing and stares nervously at the camera

so how is it? how is it for a start? will be posting more later on because i'm not that easy to give up like dat! muahahahhahahahahaha!! muahahaha...hahahaha...haha..ha.